Blog-WelcomeWhen Ed Dressel founded our agency, Columbus was Ohio’s third largest city, not the largest as it stands today.  Our mission in serving the residents of this great metro area, however, remains the same — delivering superior service with “old-school integrity” as one of our longtime clients, Brian Kohler, described it.    What has changed is how we communicate in this age of the smartphone.  All of us have had to become better multitaskers – juggling work, family, financial and community responsibilities, not to mention leaving some time to relax.  As insurance specialists, that means being accessible when you need us and providing information at your convenience.  That’s why I am so pleased to introduce our new website and this blog.

We want to share what’s going on in the insurance business that could affect you and offer our perspective.  Our business has grown more complex and we will provide guidance and keep you ahead of the learning curve as much as possible.   You have more choices on where and how to purchase insurance services and we want to earn your trust every day.

We’re proud Buckeyes so in this blog we will also share stories about what’s going on in our communities and how we are all working to make them safer, more productive and more vibrant.   We are your neighbors — and while you are always welcome to drop into our office, we hope you will visit us regularly online, get to know us and give us the opportunity to get to know you and how to help.

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